Friday, November 13, 2015

Thankful for a Teaching

One of the joys of working in a school is you are constantly learning along with the students.  Yesterday, a teacher was preparing for a lesson about The Constitution.  He questioned about the material's discussion of England's rule over Canada.  What was England's current relationship to Canada?  In the old days, you would need to find an encyclopedia.  Now we can easily find the answer using the Internet.  The answer wasn't what I expected.

Of the staff I work with, one of my favorite this year is Ms. Sunnasy's 5th Grade class.  She has fun teaching her students.  I love helping her students, especially with math, but my favorite lesson so far this year was an interactive lesson on writing. What are other ways to say "Said"?  Here is the list the class came up with:

Used with permission of Ms. Sunnasy.
Here is another list from a writer's web site.  I think the class did a good job of coming up with so many words.
They are a good class, and she will be having a good year at this point. 

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