Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thankful for my garden


Today is Saturday, it is also Caterday. So don't expect the next couple early in the day.

Today I'm going to talk more about my garden. I get a good feeling when I see my garden, and the work that goes into it and the results. Today's project wasn't to to do a lot with the plant, other than pruning. Today I decided to finish the paving stones around the garden. Fifteen more stones allows me to move around my garden much easier.

Now a tour around the garden.

This is my Anaheim Chili Pepper plant. I started with one chili when I planted it. Now there are at least 5 chilies growing now. This is my most successful chili plants I've had.

 I have three tomato plants this year. My most prosperous one is my Black Cherry Tomato plant. I have not been about to count all the tomatoes that are growing. I think I was past fifteen when I tried to count today. Here is the largest one, which has started turning color.
The second is a Oregon Star. It has two tomatoes growing.

The third is a Arizona Hybrid. It has had several blooms, but so far no tomatoes. Might be on to try next year.
My strawberries have not really done a lot, other than work on new growth. I've had to prune old leaves, but I'm worried they got planted too late in the year.
I've been watching my cabbage grow. I have not seen cabbage plants before, so I'm looking to see this how they grow.
The next two are my onions and pea plants. I think my peas started too late to really take, so I might have to try again next year. I see some nice upper growth on my onions. I hope I have good growth in the ground as well.

My bean plant also when in too late.

My mint plants are doing fair. The two larger plants have not been doing so well, while my commercial one is holding on. I will eventually transplant this one to a pot. I have a similar one at work, and it is growing well.

My favorite view of my garden is at night. I took my good path lights and bought a few more and moved them all to the garden.

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