Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sewing Update

I realized I have not posted pictures of my current project.  I started out with this pattern:
I decided to make a lap quilt.  I started using yarn from my other quilt, and fat quarters/remnants I had.  After going around a few times, I had this:
Then a border:
Next the batting, backing, and binding.

From the front:
and the back:
Next, I need to start the edging.  I am still undecided on the color/fabric I will use.  I'll post more pictures soon. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

GAL 32 of 35, Sewing and Reunion

A little late, but here is GAL #32.
What is MB?  MythBusters.  A Discovery Channel show that is in their 11th season.  I love science, and the process of Scientific Method.  Even some geek myths have been shown.


The garden has done well some ways, and only so-so in others.
I finally figured out what the yellow flower plant is.  It is a Mustard plant.  It has done well.  I'm now seeing seed pods growing on the first plant.

My Facebook friends already realize this, but in a few more weeks, I will have graduated from High School 30 years ago.  I am part of the committee for the reunion, so part of my job has been seeing how many/who all we have contact with via Facebook.  I also took the sad duty of trying to see how many classmates we've lost.   Maybe sometime I will show pictures of me though the years.  Here is one:

Here is a photo of my Homeroom in 6th grade.