Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A couple things from my patio.  My first Pepper!
I hope this group survives the transplant.  While other things in my sprouter didn't go so well, these are starting to suddenly sprout.  These are some desert plants seeds.
I know a couple of you.  They are SEEDS.

"Who, are you calling Lazy?!?"

GAL #5

What do you do on a three-day weekend, when it is HOT outside?  Knit!

So why Harry Potter?  I would have never gotten into the books without Mom.  She tried to give me the first book (She had the first 3), but I didn't get around to read it.  So on a road trip, she played the audio-cassette.  I had to finish the tape when we got home, then through the next two books.  She got the 4th book while I was reading the others.  I ended up with my own copies, along with the first two books from the UK.   The next two books, Mom and I went to the Midnight release.  Sadly, mom never got around to finishing book 6 before she passed.  I went to the 7th release by myself.

J.K. really influenced me on young adult books, which I now add when I can to my library.

I'm not sure yet which is the front vs back.
I need to stop for a little while to start a cuff, then I'm thinking of a creative version of K.N.I.T.

Monday, May 26, 2014

GAL #4

Here is The 4th Square for my blanket.  The Front I kept as the chart was written.
The back, I decided to limit the pattern to 2 digits, the most common format. 
With a long weekend, I made progress on the fifth square.   It will be one of four HP squares.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Slow Cook Friday

It is Friday again.  Decided I didn't want complicated.

Cheesy Chicken

  • Chicken Strips
  • Random Vegtables
  • Progresso Cheese Sauce
  • Spices
 Random this week:  Mushrooms, Onions, peppers, sugar snap peas in pod, corn, tomatoes.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Garden Update

I do have one picture needing to be posted.  The potato plant has several blooms.  The large bean plant I think has about had it.  It is wilting, and not happy with the heat and the wind.  I have moved two of the mint plants, because I wanted to cut down on some of the direct sunlight.  My pepper hasn't grown much more, but the plant is starting to grow taller, and I think I see more possible buds.  I am having fun experimenting with my mini garden.

I did not have any luck with the first attempt with the seed sprouter, so the herb I started have been dumped.  I started with a new batch.  Sugar Snap Peas, more beans, and two pepper plants.  After note quite 2 days, the peppers are quiet.  Some of the beans are starting to sprout,   and many of the pea are started. 

Reversible Superman Pattern

I was introduced to the Geek Along Blanket through one of my Favorite Knitting Podcast, Yarn on Tap.  They mentioned a Knit Along, and someone on the Ravelry Group mentioned the GAL.  I had to check this out, and the week I look, there was the Doctor Who square.  I plan to release this design soon, but this was my first complete reversible pattern for the GAL design.

Why Superman?  I grew up with Superman, on Television with the early Superman Cartoon, and sometimes the Original Show.  On Television, my Favorite growing up was the Justice League of America on Saturday Mornings.  When it came to the movies, there still is only one Superman, Christopher Reeves.  


Here is the Chart to start off with.  

Gauge:  I get about 5 stitches to the inch.  I use worsted weight yarn, but I have seen people use other weights.  Use what works for you for consistency. 

Yarn: I use Worsted weight.  This square I used Knitter's Brewing Company's Brewski (Rockin’ Granny Red Ale) for color A, and Drew Emborsky's Iconic (Blue Suede Shoes).  I have used other yarns for other squares.  Use yarns that will help you match your gauge.

Needle: I use a US 6.  Use needle to reach your gauge of choice.

Cast on 90 stitches.  I use a knitted cast on, switching between Color A and B.  

The first round I start on the chart and continue till the chart is complete.

When you reach in the pattern where you use several stitches of color A or color B, make sure you pull the other color a little tight before you work a stitch in that color.  This keeps your knitting even.

When finished, I bind-off with one strand, and knit in the tails.

Finished:  My square is aprox. 9" by 8.5.  There is some stretch to allow for blocking to the finished design.

One of the goals of these patterns for free to raise awareness and funds for Child’s Play Charity. Please consider making a donation if you use the pattern.

Please Share your squares, and ideas in the GAL group on Ravelry.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

GAL #3

As I promised, here is Superman:

There the was the first picture attempt, with help...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

GAL #2 and Golden Tumbleweed Award

The Latest Square:
For those that do not know their chemistry,  this represents Caffeine.   As for Superman?  I had a problem with the pattern.  It was frogged (unwound) and I just started it over.

Golden Tumbleweed Award

What is the GTA?  It is my award for those that deserve the "Really?!  What were you thinking?"

First Place goes to Cox Communications, for their television ad.  The Neighbors across the street live in a living history museum, don't use electricity. and communicate with smoke signals.  (1800/1900s).  Why?  Because they don't use Cox.  I wish they would retire the series of comercials.

Second Place goes to our own Governor's staffer.  As a new campaign poster,  Brian Sandoval, Governor, Neveda.  Why?  Because it is spelled Nevada. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Time for a couple more pictures from the garden.
I decided to harvest some of the pods. 
Hard to see, but my smaller plant has another bloom.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Slow Cook Friday

This week's slow cook Friday is Chicken Curry:

Chicken strips
Bell Pepper
2 Chilies (Large)
Snow Peas
Yellow Curry Sauce (Trader Joe's) 

8 Hours on low.  Will Probably put on rice.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

GAL #1

I need to post the first square for the GAL.  What is a GAL?  It is a Geek-A-Long.  It is just like a Knit or Crochet A long, but each of the squares represents a different geek interest.  My first square?  Doctor Who, of course.  This is the first of two, because I plan to do the alternate one as well.  Each block is done in double knit, which means you see the knit stitch (Public side on most knit projects) on the front and back.
This is the front.
Here is the back.  This is knitting as one large project, not knit the front and back separate.  If you do understand DK, yes I did change the chart, so that the words are revered, instead of mirrored.  Several of the square will get this done.

I am currently 11 rows into the Superman Block.

The patterns are on the designers' Blog @ lattesandllamas.com

Monday, May 5, 2014


More pictures from the garden and knitting.
My Pepper is still growing.
This is my larger pea plant that went into the ground.  It is the one that has the large leaves.  I'm not sure how many pea pods there are.
This one has one lone pod.


New slippers.
The "Other" model, aka me.

My first Geek-A-Long square is near completion, now that I can use the blue from my slipper.  Pictures soon.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dyeing and Update

Today was Dyeing in the Front Yard. I did not get pictures this year but I will photograph yarns next week. I had several different samples of yarns that went into natural dyes.


I looked at my bean plants today, as one got bent by the wind. I discovered the are not bean plants. They are pea plants. Each of the two has at least one pea pod growing.


Those upset with the late Spring, it was over 90 degrees F. today. I'm at the Bullring/Short Track where it is 95, with 20+ wind, with gusts over 30. Feels like late Spring already. Glad it will drop back down next week.

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