Thursday, May 15, 2014

GAL #2 and Golden Tumbleweed Award

The Latest Square:
For those that do not know their chemistry,  this represents Caffeine.   As for Superman?  I had a problem with the pattern.  It was frogged (unwound) and I just started it over.

Golden Tumbleweed Award

What is the GTA?  It is my award for those that deserve the "Really?!  What were you thinking?"

First Place goes to Cox Communications, for their television ad.  The Neighbors across the street live in a living history museum, don't use electricity. and communicate with smoke signals.  (1800/1900s).  Why?  Because they don't use Cox.  I wish they would retire the series of comercials.

Second Place goes to our own Governor's staffer.  As a new campaign poster,  Brian Sandoval, Governor, Neveda.  Why?  Because it is spelled Nevada. 

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