Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GAL #5

What do you do on a three-day weekend, when it is HOT outside?  Knit!

So why Harry Potter?  I would have never gotten into the books without Mom.  She tried to give me the first book (She had the first 3), but I didn't get around to read it.  So on a road trip, she played the audio-cassette.  I had to finish the tape when we got home, then through the next two books.  She got the 4th book while I was reading the others.  I ended up with my own copies, along with the first two books from the UK.   The next two books, Mom and I went to the Midnight release.  Sadly, mom never got around to finishing book 6 before she passed.  I went to the 7th release by myself.

J.K. really influenced me on young adult books, which I now add when I can to my library.

I'm not sure yet which is the front vs back.
I need to stop for a little while to start a cuff, then I'm thinking of a creative version of K.N.I.T.

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