Thursday, May 8, 2014

GAL #1

I need to post the first square for the GAL.  What is a GAL?  It is a Geek-A-Long.  It is just like a Knit or Crochet A long, but each of the squares represents a different geek interest.  My first square?  Doctor Who, of course.  This is the first of two, because I plan to do the alternate one as well.  Each block is done in double knit, which means you see the knit stitch (Public side on most knit projects) on the front and back.
This is the front.
Here is the back.  This is knitting as one large project, not knit the front and back separate.  If you do understand DK, yes I did change the chart, so that the words are revered, instead of mirrored.  Several of the square will get this done.

I am currently 11 rows into the Superman Block.

The patterns are on the designers' Blog @

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