Saturday, February 27, 2016

Garden Update

I know I have not been posting lately.  I have been working on a knit project that I have been contracted to knit.  No details till the designer releases the project.


Here is the main garden.  I have added new plants since I expanded my garden.
Most of the plants in this area were planted last fall.  (Cabbage, Strawberries and Onion).  I have beans and peas in small pots.
The new plant that has some height is a brussel sprouts plant.  I saw my first flowers from this plant today.
These are mostly tomatoes and peppers.  I tried to start cucumbers from seeds, but I saw later in the day that I'm not sure the seeds survived transplant.
Here is mint from last fall.  I do have some mint I had growing at work that came home.
This is my experimental garden.  I have Matter Root plants growing here.  Over winter break I took all the roots out for one of my Guild members.  She will be using these for our dyeing event later this year.  She let me keep a few roots that had sprouts on them.  I later planted there in here, because they take over where ever they grow.  Some of the sprouts from the roots are growing.

I tried to plant a live Christmas Tree, but it was not doing well.  I found a small pine over the weekend that is suppose to not need a lot of water or maintenance.  I hope to be growing it for a small Christmas Tree next year for decorating outside.