Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sewing and Garden

More ties done!
Why two green ones?  I sold one of them to a co-worker, who wears ties most of the time.  I started watching another Craftsy class on basic quilting.  The project is called a Mug Rug Quilt.

It is about 11" by 12".  The front: 
The front are 30 little 2.5" squares.  I did realize when I connected the two parts together, that I have them in the wrong order, but that doesn't matter, because I'm happy with my first try.

My Strawberries.  I had to pull the small one, as it was overripe. 

One of my mystery plants:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Slow Cook Friday: Corned Beef and Cabage

Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day. I've had issues with finding a good traditional meal, so I'm making it today and having leftovers Tuesday. My recipe is a bit non-traditional.

Here is the order I put things in:

- Potatoes (I both bought and had potatoes, so I have white (baking), yellow and red potatoes.
- Large Onion (Fresh from farmer's market)
- Carrots (None. I'm not a fan of cooked carrots)
- Asparagus (Replaced the carrots, and I had on hand from farmer's market)
- Two small chiles (yes, from the farmer's market, add a little kick)
- Corned Beef (There are two cuts, I got the slightly cheaper round)
- Spice packet (included with the corned beef)
- One Beer (Some say with wine,they won't cook something they wouldn't drink. I'm the same with beer. I used a bottle of New Belgium Snapshot (Wheat)).
- Beef Stock (more flavor than water. I'd say around half a cup or so)

Set for eight hours on low.

Later I will pull out the beef, and add at least a half of a head of cabbage, and cook on high for a half hour or so. Great way to start the weekend.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gardening and Sewing

Not a lot of updates on the garden.  I do have a tomato blossom, soon to be flowers on the peppers/chiles, and the strawberries are doing well.  The corn is out of the sprouter, and in a dozen pots.  I'm thinking of putting soil down were the garden use to be to plant the corn.  My lemon tree that I was starting to worry about is starting to sprout new leaves or branches.  I didn't get any new pictures as the garden is in the shade by the time I get home, forgot yesterday, and it has been cloudy/rainy today.


 I get to do a happy dance this weekend.  I decided to do the second two bag projects from the free bag classes on Craftsy.  The class included how to do pockets and zippers.

This is my reversible tote:
Including three pockets (Not just one).  I matched the pockets to the fabric's design to be more fancy.
I had fun Saturday doing the bag, even though I did get mixed up and didn't follow the teacher's instructions. 

This was my Sunday project.  The zipper was easy, once I caught on where the teacher was placing the fabric.  I got more confused by the how to sew the bag because it was lined.  Which sides you sew, and which you don't, because it is designed inside out.  The instructor did use an interesting technique with the zipper.  She didn't have us use pins to hold the zipper in place.  We used glue from a glue stick instead.  (Yes, a school glue stick).  I've heard people feel challenged by zippers. 

I still want to do a lunch bag.  After looking at a blog post, I plan to take a pair of sleeper pants and try to replicate them too.  Not often you see a person ironing a pair of sleeper pants, but they were wrinkled.