Friday, March 13, 2015

Slow Cook Friday: Corned Beef and Cabage

Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day. I've had issues with finding a good traditional meal, so I'm making it today and having leftovers Tuesday. My recipe is a bit non-traditional.

Here is the order I put things in:

- Potatoes (I both bought and had potatoes, so I have white (baking), yellow and red potatoes.
- Large Onion (Fresh from farmer's market)
- Carrots (None. I'm not a fan of cooked carrots)
- Asparagus (Replaced the carrots, and I had on hand from farmer's market)
- Two small chiles (yes, from the farmer's market, add a little kick)
- Corned Beef (There are two cuts, I got the slightly cheaper round)
- Spice packet (included with the corned beef)
- One Beer (Some say with wine,they won't cook something they wouldn't drink. I'm the same with beer. I used a bottle of New Belgium Snapshot (Wheat)).
- Beef Stock (more flavor than water. I'd say around half a cup or so)

Set for eight hours on low.

Later I will pull out the beef, and add at least a half of a head of cabbage, and cook on high for a half hour or so. Great way to start the weekend.

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