Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Garden Update

I do have one picture needing to be posted.  The potato plant has several blooms.  The large bean plant I think has about had it.  It is wilting, and not happy with the heat and the wind.  I have moved two of the mint plants, because I wanted to cut down on some of the direct sunlight.  My pepper hasn't grown much more, but the plant is starting to grow taller, and I think I see more possible buds.  I am having fun experimenting with my mini garden.

I did not have any luck with the first attempt with the seed sprouter, so the herb I started have been dumped.  I started with a new batch.  Sugar Snap Peas, more beans, and two pepper plants.  After note quite 2 days, the peppers are quiet.  Some of the beans are starting to sprout,   and many of the pea are started. 

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