Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reversible Superman Pattern

I was introduced to the Geek Along Blanket through one of my Favorite Knitting Podcast, Yarn on Tap.  They mentioned a Knit Along, and someone on the Ravelry Group mentioned the GAL.  I had to check this out, and the week I look, there was the Doctor Who square.  I plan to release this design soon, but this was my first complete reversible pattern for the GAL design.

Why Superman?  I grew up with Superman, on Television with the early Superman Cartoon, and sometimes the Original Show.  On Television, my Favorite growing up was the Justice League of America on Saturday Mornings.  When it came to the movies, there still is only one Superman, Christopher Reeves.  


Here is the Chart to start off with.  

Gauge:  I get about 5 stitches to the inch.  I use worsted weight yarn, but I have seen people use other weights.  Use what works for you for consistency. 

Yarn: I use Worsted weight.  This square I used Knitter's Brewing Company's Brewski (Rockin’ Granny Red Ale) for color A, and Drew Emborsky's Iconic (Blue Suede Shoes).  I have used other yarns for other squares.  Use yarns that will help you match your gauge.

Needle: I use a US 6.  Use needle to reach your gauge of choice.

Cast on 90 stitches.  I use a knitted cast on, switching between Color A and B.  

The first round I start on the chart and continue till the chart is complete.

When you reach in the pattern where you use several stitches of color A or color B, make sure you pull the other color a little tight before you work a stitch in that color.  This keeps your knitting even.

When finished, I bind-off with one strand, and knit in the tails.

Finished:  My square is aprox. 9" by 8.5.  There is some stretch to allow for blocking to the finished design.

One of the goals of these patterns for free to raise awareness and funds for Child’s Play Charity. Please consider making a donation if you use the pattern.

Please Share your squares, and ideas in the GAL group on Ravelry.

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