Friday, November 6, 2015

Thankful for Peanuts


Months ago, I saw the first teaser for the Peanuts Movie.  I knew then I would go see it.  This one will be the first one at the theater in a long time.  There were a few when Charles M. Shultz was alive, but at least one I remember was in 1977.  When you ask what influences you had growing up, for me included Peanuts.

Sunday Morning always meant the Sunday Comics.  The first Comic was always Peanuts.  I remember owning two of the Peanut’s Treasuries.  These were large, hardbound books.  The first had a collection of Monday through Saturday comic strips, which were all black and white.  The second book were the Sunday comics, which were always in color.  My Elementary School Library always had a full shelf that had the Peanuts Books. 

ABC, November 30th at 8pm
Then there were, and still are the Peanut Specials.  Most of these occurred around the fall and winter holidays.  The oldest of these is the Charlie Brown Christmas.
 Halloween, Thanksgivings, (And the Mayflower Expeditions) Christmas (Plus either of the two  Christmas Minis and I want a Dog for Christmas), New Years, and if I can, Valentines.

Many friends admit that it is a family tradition in their families as well to see the holiday specials.
You might start to think, and yes it is true, I do connect to one of the characters.  Being a Charles, just like Charlie Brown, who wasn't always the most successful . 

Of the things in my collection, my favorite are The Complete Peanuts.   Each book is two years, and is every published comic strip.  I have 16 books so far, which is 1950 to 1982.  The 25th and final book comes out next year for 1999-2000.  It is the only complete collection of all the newspaper published comic strips.  

I have been thankful for decades to have Peanuts through the year, and finally we might get a new generation loving it too.

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