Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thankful for Facebook part 1


I have said the story many times, but never got around to typing it.

I was wondering through old Facebook posts but I'm not sure what my first posts were. Back then I was using my wall for random posts, and Facebook Game help requests. Time has changed.

I joined Facebook sometime in the late 2000s. I had previously not joined because I had no interest in it at all at the time; I had no interest in MySpace. Why suddenly maybe interested in joining? High school friends.

One day I had gotten email from reunion website; several people from my high school were having a get together at a local bar on a Saturday night. That's sounded fun so I said I would come join  in.  I had not really seen anyone from school since I graduated. I had paid, but miss the 10th and couldn't afford to go to my 20th year.  As a reconnect with old friends I found out that most of them were hanging out on Facebook. I downloaded the app on my phone that night and tried to join. Once I had gotten a home I finish the process is started on Facebook.

This was when  FarmVille and Mafia Wars we're just starting, and there were no Smart Phone games yet. Some of the  Facebook scams of the time included free gift from both FarmVille and Mafia wars. So many offers where equivalent to what people paid cash for. So you figure some of the post offering $20 worth of Farmville cash was fake.

I am very thankful that I did join Facebook.

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