Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thankful for my four legged friend


This is a harder one to type.  Not because I'm sad, but because it can at times be difficult to type around her.  Fiona Blue (Her given name) is laying down between me and the computer.  The blanket is warm, and she just woke up and wants attention.  I could post many pictures of her, because she likes to check things out, especially when I'm trying to photograph them.

Yes I will stand on it when your taking pictures
I have posted before on Facebook about my support of rescue animals.   When Mom's last cat had passed away, even though he was not the most friendly of cats, the house was still quite.  I waited till I hoped the weather had cooled down (it hadn't), but by Labor Day Weekend I was ready.  Right after work I went to the local SPCA to look for a cat.  The cats were allowed to wander their area, so I walked around till I found the right one.   Fiona is an indoor cat, but she does like to go outside to check things out.  She did get stuck on the roof a couple of times.  I have mentioned about my morning routine.  Just after sunrise or so, she and I get up from the bed and go outside.  Work days, we come in after a little while and she gets her canned food for the day.  On other days we come inside eventuality, depending on the weather and what I have planned.  I'm sure this post could go on for days.  I will admit I am thankful for my four legged friend, and her friendship.

P.S.  She was not happy this morning.  It was not currently raining, but it had rained earlier.  She did go out, but didn't stay out long.  Wet paws are not fun.

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