Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thankful for Console Game Makers


As I log into Facebook, I sometimes see "Memories" of the past.  This month I see past memories of being thankful.  Today, I want to thank those people who work hard to create console games.  I do play on my iOS devices too, but today is special for console games.

Today is the day that Fallout 4 is being released.  What is special about this game?  I've been mostly following this version of the planet for many decades.  The game started unofficially as a PC game called Wasteland.  This one came out I think last 80s.  Later came out Fallout, which started the official story line.  Fallout 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of steel, both continued the story in the 90s.  The graphics were very simple, and the games focused on Roll Playing.  The entire game was played from the keyboard, and fighting was a simple turn based.

Fallout 3 was the first time the game moved from just a PC game, to console as well.  The graphics went from simple to realistic.  The story line was kept, and expanded.  The game took place in Washington D.C., and now you really felt you were there.  Now on a console, the game could get later additions, so once you finished the game, you could go onto expansion packs.  Unlike many games, if you get bored with the main story, you can go off and do a side story.  I really enjoy not being stuck doing just one thing.

The next release came New Vegas.  Since I live in Las Vegas, I really enjoyed what they did.  For the time period it is based on, the game is very realistic, and kept me playing for a long time.  I played both games on a PS3.  (Playstation).

This past year, they announced the future release of the new Fallout.  This time we were going to Boston.  Unlike previous versions, the game doesn't start in the current present.  Not after the war, but just before the war.  We get to see some of the game before the destruction.  The new game also now uses the new console hardware.  Till the game was announced, I did not have a PS4, and was still playing my Fallout console games.  About a month ago I purchased a new PS4.  I found another new game, and decided I'd prefer to play the game on the new hardware.  What was the new game?

Yes I am a Lego geek.  Unlike other Lego games, you can purchase more characters to expend the story and open new worlds.

So, I am thankful for all the hard work that console designers create.

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