Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful for Facebook Part 2 (long)

Yesterday I talk about my beginning is on Facebook. I have become more engaged in social media over the years. I now maintain a couple of small Facebook pages and groups.

I've been at Facebook a few times a day to try and keep up with a lot of posts I have many different people pages and groups that I follow.
  • Company pages allow me to easily see what new products, new ideas are coming out, reminders of coming events or their celebrate their team support.
  • I know my state isn't the only one having issues. Not only do I follow the local and state Education Associations, I follow ones from many different states. I don't feel that the current events are limited to my state only.
  • I also follow a lot of pages belonging individuals, groups and organizations. Some are celebrities and some are celebrities in their own following. Some are more informative, and one helps with my writing.
  • After all of these I follow my friends as well. I am friends with a wide range of interests from different parts of the US and a few from other countries.I tried to link my friends to one or two groups/lists to help keep track of them. These list include:
                -High School

I created these list back when I would also accept/make friends because of games. This helped a lot after I gave up playing the Facebook specific games. I celebrated "National Unfriend Day" (November 17th) once by cleaning up the lists and removing gaming friends, most of whom I didn't know.

Most of the Farmville scam stopped when the hype for the game slow down. These people just change their targets. I have seen free airline tickets, free iPhones, free Disneyland Tickets, cheap Ray-Ban's, cheap jerseys and many others. Some of these offers use the website that ends with XYZ. I decided to research this domain and found that it is a website that doesn't go through the official Internet website name company, but instead self regulate some selves. This just makes me more nervous trusting that domain.

I've seen many random users posting this spam. These are not fake accounts but often real, Idol accounts. I have also seen a lot of friend requests from people I do not know. I suspect these are accounts that have been compromised/packed and they are trying to get more accounts.

I'm still thankful I joined Facebook; I'm careful what I do on Facebook.

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