Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thankful for the Challanges


This sounds a little odd, but I enjoy the occasional Challenge.  The Thankful posts are an example.  I go into a lot more detail than others.

I got an interesting challenge today.  My friend Joe saw a knitted hat and posted it to Facebook.  I had already saw the hat earlier that morning and saved it to Ravelry (A Social Networking site for fiberists) in my library.  I'm still not sure how the picture got around to Joe, but I said I had some Christmas knitting first.

The bigger issue I had with the hat was the method of how it is knit.  It is called stranded, because your carrying two different colors at the same time.  Unless you are careful, the knitting can be too tight, or too loose.


Could it be done in double knit?  It would be a little thicker, but it would also be mirrored, so that you would have a similar design on both sides.  Do I have the right yarn?  Too thick, and no white.  What if I find some of my favorite Knitter's Brewing Co. yarn in my leftovers?  Swatch it and see how it knits up?

 In this case, the front is the outside, and the back is the inside.  It could be turned inside out, and still be worn. 

Looks like I need to buy some yarn! 

Forgot to add, here is the pattern:  the-force-awakens-hat

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