Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thankful for Slow Cooking (and Mississippi Pot Roast)


A few years ago, I tried to get into slow cooking (aka by the popular brand "Crockpot").  My first one, that I think was already in the house only had three settings.  High, Low and Off.   This didn't help when I wanted things to cook while I was at work, so I invested in a better slow cooker.  I researched and got one with a timer, and warm setting.  I often set meals for 8 hours on low, and by the time I'm home, it is on warm.   I mostly do main courses, but you can do so much more.   There are many books and magazines on the topic.  My favorite of these is the "Fix it and Forget it" series.  These are not professional cooks, but recipes from regular people.  Cans of soup and dry mixes are common items, but there are many substitutes, depending on your tastes.  Online, Crockpot Girl, who does

This weeks recipe came from a Facebook Page, but most of my Google search, calls it Mississippi Pot Roast.

Mississippi Pot Roast
Chuck Roast.
Hidden Valley ranch dressing.
McCormick Au Jus mix
stick of butter
5 Pepperoncini Peppers (You buy them in a jar.)

Place the chuck roast in crock pot, Sprinkle with Hidden Valley ranch dressing, add McCormick Au Jus mix, a stick of butter, 5 pepperoncini peppers. DO NOT ADD WATER!!!.Cover and Cook on low for 7-8 hrs.

I do admit that I usually do these and call them "Slow Cook Fridays."  I'm hoping to go out to a movie on Friday.

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