Friday, November 20, 2015

Thankful for the Farmer's Market


I try to support small businesses when I can.  My favorite small business(es) is the Las Vegas Farmer's Market.

The Las Vegas Farmer's Market isn't one single vendor, but many different vendors.  Some do sell produce, while others sell different wares.  My favorite vendors that I visit the most are the two produce sellers from nearby farms (California and Arizona I believe).  I try to add at least one fresh ingredient from them when I do my slow cooking.   I do sometimes by fruits (like cherries) from the third produce vendor.  My next favorite is Pahrump Valley Honey.   This is my main source of local honey.  Being good for my allergies and a natural sweetener,  I use it in my hot drinks and other things.  I sometimes visit Frankly Good Coffee, to get coffee beans.  When I do drink coffee at home, I prefer to ground my own beans.  I also have a bottle of Simple Vanilla Bean Syrup.  Sometimes I have grabbed a quick meal from some of the vendors, similar to a food truck, but they work at their tents.  Once in a while I will get sweet bread or desserts.

There are too many other vendors that rotate through, but I do see dog treats, spices, salad dressings, kettle corn, hand crafted items, and many other items.  I almost always grab my black bag, and wander through the market.  My favorite location is The Bruce Trent Park @ Rampart and Vegas Drive almost every Wednesday.  It is just a 10 or so minute drive after work.  I know they have another site on Thursdays and Every other or so Saturday.

I know this is not the only Farmer's market, but most run during the week, while I'm at work, or one did go on Sundays (I wasn't happy with that one).

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