Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thankful for Male Knitting Friends

MFKR 2015

I've posted before about how much I enjoy going to the Men's Knitting Retreats that I've been able to attend. It is very supportive to know that I share many interests with these other guys, and we can find things in common. There are several of the guys I keep up with on Facebook, which is one of the advantages of social media.

I found it interesting last night, when one one of the Men's Knitting groups on Facebook, that someone felt a little intimidated after seeing some of the other members projects. It was a reminder that we were all beginners at one point; many knitters stay with beginning projects.

I've learned in several different conversations, that many knitters go to a class, wanting a finished project. Many male knitters (as some women as well) prefer a technique vs. a project. If you learn the concept of a knitting technique, you can use that later on other projects. I will sometimes look at a pattern, with curiosity on the pattern itself. The classes I taught at the last retreat had project, but the goal was to learn the technique. When they get that to that moment, when it makes sense. I had a dye teacher in a previous retreat that commented that the guys were ready to jump in and start, where her other groups of just women had to plan things out first.

I know at least one men's group that meets each Sunday in San Francisco.  I do wish I could spend some extra time with those friends.

I do appreciate all knitters; I am thankful for Male Knitters.

One of my student's work at the MFKR 2015

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