Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thankful for (Catch up)


I admit I didn't post every day in November.  I took a couple of days to be extra lazy, and get some progress on Fallout 4.  I am thankful for the time off to rest.  No I did not participate in the chaos known at Black Friday.  I did see one deal in the ads, but I found out the deal lasted all weekend, so I waited till Saturday to get it.  I'm not ready for the freezing temps we have gotten the last few mornings over break.  Yes, we are dropping to around freezing, and no, some of my garden plants are not happy.  Neither is Fiona, till later in the morning when it warms up a little.

I am thankful for the breaks I get.  It has been another busy year.  It has been productive, but busy.   I actually rolled over and went back to sleep this morning.  Fiona was not a happy kitty, not getting outside at her usual time.

I am also thankful for tea.  I do enjoy the commercial teas, but most are not as flavorful as loose tea.  Yes, the new mesh are better, but I can pick different teas and mix them together.  I am grateful that I was introduced to Adagio Teas.  I started with a local tea supplier, until they left stopped going to the Farmer's Market on Sunday, and they were too far to go during the week.  A podcast offered a promotion, and I tried Adagio.  For a few dollars, I can get a sampler that allows me a few cups of tea.  I mix a couple of these for my tea.  They even create seasonal teas, like Cranberry, Gingerbread, Candy Cane and Christmas.  I was using a french press for my teas, until this summer when I tried the ingenuiTEA Teapot.  Instead of pressing down on the leaves, the tea goes through a strainer at the bottom.  I had bought it to take to work.  I had to buy a second, because I brought the one from work home, and enjoyed it too much to take it back to work.

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