Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thankful for Spinning


I know some people will think of other things. Spinning to me is taking a fiber and turning it into yarn. Fiber can include wool (sheep, alpaca, bunnies), plant (cotton, linen, hemp) or or created (rayon, tensel, milk). I still buy yarn, but I do enjoy working in a project done with hand spun yarns.

Here is my main spinning wheel and what I am spinning:

Here are a few of my own dyed wools to spin.

Spinning has changed how I look at yarn and different fibers. I have spun many different wools, especially many different breeds of sheep. Most people would look at a sheep, they see their coat and food. Depending on where the sheep live and what they eat, there is a lot of variation between different breeds. Shorter lengths of wool can produce a softer yarn, but can also cause pilling (those small balls that appear on some items created with yarn). Longer can make warmer projects, but sometimes can be scratchy on bare skin. Some wools are so long, that they are used to make rugs and carpet.

Often when I say I'm sitting outside and spinning, I'm usually doing more than just spinning. This is one of the occasions I get to listen to something while I'm spinning. I might listen to music, listen to an audio book (a book where someone reads to you) or a podcast. A podcast is a mini radio show (some are video) by one more people. Most prerecord their show, edit it and release it to listeners. These shows had a wide range of topics. Sometimes some shows will even record live, and then release it for the rest of the listeners to hear later. One of my regular podcast is Yarn Thing, by Marly Bird. She interviews a lot of people in the fiber industry. Another is Startalk Radio, by Neal Degrasse Tyson (and other hosts, like Bill Nye). This show focuses on science with a wide range of guests.

Spinning is very relaxing and calming. I am thankful learned how to spin, and I can produce my own yarn.

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