Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thakful for the Weather/Seasons


People talk about how the Southwest part of the United States doesn't have all four seasons.   We do get a very mixed batch of weather.   Today we reached a high of 84 degrees.  By tomorrow, that will have dropped by twenty degrees.  Some places north of the city, in the higher elevations could see snow.  So we go from short sleeves to needing jackets. 

Will the other side of the country see another severe winter weather?  I know our winter will be calm.  If we were to see snow, it would last a day or two and mostly melt away.   Most of my students don't get to see snow too much, unless they travel into the mountains or elsewhere.  We don't escape all weather issues.  Many people do not like our summer heat.  Most of us get just find ways to deal with it, and know that cool down eventually, and we do get short breaks, called monsoons.  My favorite are the summer rains, which can bring both lightning and rainbows.

Sometimes people wonder what my favorite season is.  With the colors and changes it brings, that would be Fall.  I'm able to enjoy my hot tea again.  (Hot tea needs ice in the summer), but that's another story.  (Note, add that to the list)

So one of the reasons I like where I live, is because I'm thankful for the weather.

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