Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend update: Knitting, Sewing, Garden

 My latest Slipped Stitch Studios bag.  Since I don't have any big projects at the moment, I fit several projects bag inside.
My Second project
This one was done earlier this week.  The Teal didn't show up well in the picture.  This was a Pay It Forward gift to a friend.  The bag had two skeins of yarn that went with it.  I picked the two colors because those are the colors the recipient said she loved.

My 3rd bag.
I cut out the pieces while sitting on the patio Saturday Morning.  I was going to sew Sunday Morning, but had enough motivation Saturday Evening, that I did the whole thing in a couple hours, including help from Fiona the Cat.  This was my first experience with interfacing, which helps the bag stand up.  I'm already planning my next project, which I hope is a lunch bag.

Two more bags of soil, and the bed is nice and full of soil.  14 more bricks finish going around the planter.  I might do another row on the other side, but not right now.  the two plants you see in the bottom right corner is is an onion (green I think) that I had pulled out of the compost pile and planted into a clay pot.  I found a second one yesterday.  I was surprised with the first onion (I forget when I planted it, but it was sometime this winter) had a lot of roots already.  The bottom of the pot had a layer of roots, that were the put into the bed. 

Earlier this week, I stared putting seeds into the sprouter.  I am soaking more seeds to go into the second one.  Peas are already sprouting in the container.  More pictures to come.

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