Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Weather, Gardening and Fabric

Up to Saturday, February 21st we had great weather.  Sunday is was cloudy and somewhat colder.  Woke up Monday to rain, and cold.  At least all we had in my part of town was rain.  These were pictures from Monday and Tuesday:

The last picture, the snow usually doesn't fall often on these mountains and usually doesn't last, so I was surprised to see snow there for a couple days as well.  Parts of the city near the western mountains also saw some snow, as well as Red Rock.  Needless to say, I was a little worried about my garden.  We only dropped to about 40, so no freeze, and so far everyone survived, other than some bean plants and I think it was transplant shock for them.
Here are two of my strawberry plants.  They had already been trying to produce when I bought them.  They are doing fine.  Yes, those are small strawberries growing.  There is a flower on one tomato plant, and I see flowers starting to form on the pepper and chile plants.  Peas are starting to grow from their seeds, but I'm not sure about the corn.  I still have more corm plants waiting to go to the garden.  More pictures to come.


More fabric, this time from mail order:
More ties on the machine.  Didn't get the Velcro sewn in yet.

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