Thursday, February 12, 2015

Garden Update

Over the weekend, I picked up two more bags of garden soil and placed them into the raised bed. The bed is now mostly full, which is were I wanted it to be. When I first built the bed, and moved compost into the bed, I found an onion that had started growing. I placed the onion in a pot with some soil and watered it. I now decided it was time to plant the onion into the bed. I tugged at the stem, but I had some resistance when I pulled. I decided to turn the pot upside down to remove the plants from the pot. I discover that the bottom of the pot was full of roots. There was a lot more growth than I had expected.
Monday morning, I though to look at the potatoes in the kitchen. I knew I had seen some growth. Previously, my potatoes started growing up into plants. This time, these potatoes were not growing up, they were growing downward. They looked like straight vines. They even had a few small things that looked like tiny potatoes, the size of a small seed. These went directly into the bed.
Two yellow onion bulbs went into small decomposable pots.i already have several peas and beans sprouting from just seeds started a week ago.

Update: Not only is the beans and peas growing, my corn is starting to sprout as well. Over the weekend, I plan to transfer beans and peas to small containers. Depending on the corn, it may soon go into pots too. I plan to visit a nearby gardening center and maybe another home improvement store to see what plants/seeds they have in stock.

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