Sunday, February 1, 2015

Knitting, Sewing and Outdoors

Here is a progress shot from last week.  I have not taken a current update.

My first try at sewing.  I just got a Brother sewing machine, and want to work on a few projects, especially bow ties.
Many different stitches.  Enough practice for the next day.
Here is my first real project.  It is a draw string project bag.  I need practice with my cutting, but for a first project, I am proud of myself.  I'm using a online course web site called Craftsy.  I just watched the video, and away I went.

The weather has been improving between storms.  I've been putting off getting soil for my raised bed.  I got over there today, and got 4 sq. ft. of soil (Two large bags).  I also got ten pavers, so I can walk around the garden easier.  I have one weed that leaves seeds that are small spires, which is hard on bare feet.  Fifteen more and I should be able to circle the bed once, then I might get a second set.  Lowes is already stocking fruit and vegetable plants already.  I'm going to have to start the sprouter soon, and another layer of soil.  After that I can start thinking about buying plants too,

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