Monday, February 16, 2015

GAL 31 of 35, Knitting and Sewing

The next square is Lord of the Ring.    It is my favorite movie for the location.


This is suppose to be a Mochimochi flower.  I left the eyes off, and use a larger weight yarn. Neither showed the colors as well as I wanted to.  The pattern is here.  I gave it to a friend Saturday.


Sewing is going well.  Thanks to another knitting friend, I learned a basic bow tie pattern.
Here are my first 3.  The left is my first one, after doing a practice piece.  The second is in remnant fabric I had.  The third was made for tomorrow.  If you weren't sure why, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday.  I wish I could be in New Orleans, but at least I can dream.

Fabric for my next big project is in the mail.  Hope it isn't stuck in the snow.

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