Friday, July 3, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 7

No big updates today.  I'm almost finished with the 3rd hank.  Outside, there is more than the songs of the birds, there is the buzz of the cicada.  There was a news story earlier this year, there would be cicadas.  Maybe, this is something in other cities, but here in Las Vegas, they are around every summer.  Once it gets hot, you will hear the buzz in the trees and larger plants.  Here is one I found this morning.  He's a little smaller than a quarter.  They don't fly around trying to land on people.  Their skins are the bigger issue.  I'll get a picture of that when I see them.

Tara needed to check out next door, and make sure there are no stray birds of lizards.

Dad!  Do you love me?  I'm hungry.  What is that?

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