Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 11

Why is it so warm out, this early in the morning?  No, she was not pleased with it being that worm out at the 6am hour.  Low to mid 80s.  was already 90s by 8:10.  Supposed to be 104 today, and windy.

The last of the D.K. was finished this morning.  Should I get ready to ply?  Na!  Let's go farther.

So I searched, and pulled out this.  What is it?  It is called RBF.  It stands for Random Blue Fiber.  It was a group dye evening, and tossed in a blue acid dye and kettle dyed.  I felt like, why not.

Here is the start of it spun up.  I am liking how it is spinning.

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