Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 18

Dad!  I'm hungry!  Yes, the cries of I'm hungry, or fill my water bowl, so I can go chase all the cicadas out of the bush.

I knew today would be off.  This is what I saw across the way, as the Short Term Rental (What others call AirBnB).  The small object to the right (I found out later) is a mechanical bull.  The toys people need to go on vacation.  At least they didn't come out till I was done to start their loud music.

It's hot again!

To me, either because the humidity was lower, or that it didn't feel as hot as it was, I got some extra spinning motivation.  There's not only some left, that I will finish tomorrow, and on to another bobbin.

I got around to soaking my skeins today.  Both got to be soaks, and dried.  Now they are ready to display.

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