Thursday, July 2, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 6

As usual, one of the many noisy visitors while I'm outside.  I think this one was a Grackle.  They can be very noisy birds.

 Slowly making progress.  I was a little more distracted today.

Here is the skein of yarn.  It is soaking in a rinseless soap.  This will help the yarn relax, and ready to knit with.

After the bath, it get hung on a hanger to dry.  Here it is stretched out on the table.

 Here is is bunched up, to show off some of the colors.

Here it is, tied up in a hank.  This is how this type of yarn is stored.  This is how you would see it displayed in a store.

My supervisor was busy first thing, doing the 20 Yard Dash.  She wore herself out, and need the early morning catnap.

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