Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 4

Day 4, and I'm already plying my for my first skein of the event.  So how do I ply, and what is plying anyways?  Take a look at a piece yarn or thread.  You can see that it is twisted, but try to untwist it.  Is there one strand, or more than one?  Many yarns and threads are made up of two or more strands of fiber.  With this wheel, it is easy to ply all onto one bobbin, but only after I change not only bobbins, but the entire bobbin holder.  Here is the part that comes off my wheel, even to change bobbons.

This is what the new bobbin looks like.  It is called a Jumbo Flyer.

Once I setup my wheel and got started, I got two pictures.  The left one is my wheel, that would be in from of me.  The right picture is my bobbin holders, which sat behind me.  I guided the stands from behind me, and kept some tension as it fed into the jumbo bobbin.

Here is a comparison of my jumbo flyer, which can hold up to 10 oz or so, vs the regular bobbin that holds 4 oz.

 I joked with another spinner that I had my fiber in a box. She thought "All" my fiber was in the box.  Nope, this is just some mixed fiber.  Much of this will be spun during the tour.

Of course Tara.  She was wandering more today, but here she is resting under my vehicle, as it is shady.


The Jumbo bobbin is now empty.  I sat in the shade and unwound the bobbin onto my Knitty Knotty.   A Knitty Knotty is a tool used to wind yarn into a skein of yarn.  I'll show off a skein, once I take the yarn off the KK, tomorrow.  I rotated the KK, to try and show off some of the colors in the skein.

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