Monday, June 29, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 3

The weather is cooler today.  Around 102 yesterday, 85 today.  There was a problem due to the wind yesterday.  These are pictures from yesterday evening.

 It is in the Mount Charleston/Lee Canyon area, and is called the Mahogany Fire.  The smoke is going north of the city, so we are not smelling it.  I was not bothered by it, and was outside for quite a few hours.

After two hours of early morning spinning. here is my bobbin.

After my walk, I say for about two and a half hours,  along with trying to find the squeakin my wheel, the second braid is finished.  Tomorrow will be plying the two bobbins together.

Tara heard something near the shed, and had to go find out what is was.  After my walk, she decided to lay on my hat, while I spun.

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