Saturday, June 27, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 1

I know what the first question is.  The Tour of What?  I know most of you are familiar with the Tour De France.  This is an endurance bicycle race in France.  For many years, people who spin fiber on a spinning wheel, use the race to spin fiber each day of the race.  I participated in the tour many years ago, but it was difficult, as I was out of town the first week of the race.  It is time to take the dust off one of my wheels, and get spinning.  Due to Covid-19, I do have time to spin, at least for a bit of time before I gets hot outside.

Here is my wheel, in a nice shady spot.
I promise more pictures as I go.  So where do I start? Let's look at the bobbin on my wheel.
There's a bunch of fiber already on it.  Last time I was spinning, this is what I was spinning previously.  A good starting point it, finish the bobbin, so I can use it for yarn later.  So far today, I've gotten in two, one hour sessions in.  The first, first thing in the morning, before I went to the gym (because it is too hot to walk, as it was already almost 90 degrees at 8:30 a.m.).  The second was after the gym, as I was planning to watch the NASCAR Truck Race, on TV but it got rained out (I'm losing track how many rainouts we've had so far).

I did have a supervisor today.  She was a little tired this morning.

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