Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 2

A little windy to start off, but calmer than it was by mid morning.  Finished the hank of Nerdy Girl, and got to take the bobbin off the wheel.  Here is the full bobbin vs. the empty one.  The full one was 3D printed, while the other came with the wheel.
The next hank is from Greenwood Fiberworks, called American Diner.  It is a Polwarth Wool (A breed of sheep)

Tara my supervisor wandered about today.  Checked put the new hank, later came an laid next to the wheel.

I got a straight two hours of spinning this morning.   Here is what the new bobbin looks like, just before I left for the gym.
Suppose to be a little cooler outside tomorrow.  Might get me some extra time outside.

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