Friday, September 5, 2014

MFKR, Day 2

Friday was going to be a busy day.  The morning started with Yoga for those interested, and then breakfast.  Afterwards, came two classes. Mosaic Knitting and  Short Row Heel.  While classes were being held, a large folding wall separated the two rooms.  Next came lunch, then our only fiend trip this year.  

Makers’ Mercantile & Rylie Cakes  is the Skacel HQ/Flag store.  Skacel, know for distributing many different yarns and Addi Needles, has their warehouse in Seattle.  Previous years we visited the warehouse, but since the store opened in 2013, we visit the store instead.  The store has most of the Skacel collection, along with a few local independent dyers. There was a lot to look at, but I limited myself to a specific project, except for fiber and some yarn for dyeing.  One of my goals was also to find a bag from Slip Stitch Studios.  Most of the bags were already gone, but I did find one, perfect for a project.  I even enjoyed an amaretto latte.  

Here is a picture of my purchases.
Before dinner, there was a Card Weaving Demo.  After dinner, I host my first of two classes,
Technology & Fiber Roundtable.  We talked about different uses of technology with our knitting.  I talked about Stitch-maps, while others talked about IOS (Apple) Applications.  I had hoped for some Android Applications to be mentioned, but no one had any to offer from the group.  

Next was the annual Show and Tell.  With 40 guys in the room, we had many very interesting projects being shown.  Everyone was limited to two projects, and a few didn't bring anything.  It also shows every year how talented the members are.  Before we finished off was a group pictures of those wearing kilts and sarongs.  I was over packed and limited myself to one suitcase, so I did not bring my kilt this year.

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  1. Reading your posts, I am still working on mine, and I put my yarn purchases away, lol