Saturday, September 6, 2014

MFKR, Day 1

The annual Men's Fall Knitting Retreat is held at Dumas Bay Center, in Federal Way, Washington.  This is between Seattle, and Tacoma Washington.  The center is just off of Dumas Bay, and a beautiful park. This is the view from our window.
Several of us met at the airport and took the shuttle to the center.  We were greeted by our host, Michael and Alexander.  We got our keys and took our luggage to our rooms.  Unlike some retreats, each attendee gets their own room.  Each room has a bed, desk and a half bathroom.  The shower room is shared.  We then had our picture taken by Franklin Habit.  We picked out our badge, with our name, Ravelry Name and Ravelry Avatar.  We also had our sponsor bag.
We did end up with a couple more items.  We also had a pattern to download from one of the attendees.  Dinner, and all meals were served by the kitchen staff.  Everything was very healthy and very well done.  We usually had 3 hot trays and salad/fruit each meal.

After dinner was the ice breaker, where we introduced ourselves, and stated how many of the Fall Retreats we had attended.  After that was the first of many classes lead by attendees.  This was the traditional Introduction to Drop Spindle Spinning.

We already had 36 guys join us Thursday Night.

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