Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break is Here!

These are seed sprouting trays.  Each of the cups are different seeds that are soaking.  I want to see what they might do.  Most of the seeds are old ones I had on a shelf, so they might not grow.  If they don't, I move on to fresh seeds. 


Did I mention my first attempt at making Mustard?  It is soupy, takes very spicy. just like good brown mustard should.  with 0.6 ounces, I needed more.  Now I have three 16 oz bags.I will experiment next week.

My Pea Plant is look yellow.  I've been moving the planter around and I hope that helps. 


I'm working my way through clue #2 on Magnify. 

  • Goals for Spring Break:
  • Finish clue #2 and #3
  • Finishing spinning and photograph Icelandic Wool
  • Finish several traveling socks
  • Wait for my Peach Basket Slippers kit
  • Look into purchasing a blending board.
Will the break mean more attention?

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