Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Time for another Pictures On the Patio.
My peach tree was planted in the beginning of March.  It sat dormant since I planted it.  Last week I started seeing leaves sprouting.
So tonight I took a closer look.  Wait!  What is that?
It is?  It is!  It is a flower!  As for the rest of the garden,
My one pepper, but I am happy, as it is more than I have gotten before.
My potato plant is moving up.
Still a few berries, but now I'm worried it is the birds that are eating the fruit.
The peppermint is growing nicely.  This is the sweet mint I added a couple weeks ago.
No I couldn't stop myself.  I did finally find a Chocolate Mint plant.  The leaves are suppose to look nice on this one.  I believe the roller coaster weather is getting to my bean plant.  The seed sprouter is working out well so far.  I'm seeing small plants from several herb seeds.  I'm ordering a different sprouter, this time to see what I can do with desert plants.  I've collected a few different seeds and I want to see what happens.

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