Sunday, April 6, 2014

My weekend

It has been a productive weekend. I need to post another POP post. I've found buds on my pepper plant and new growth on my bean plants.


All of the black Icelandic has been spun and plied.

The Magnify, clue 1 is finished. Pictures to come soon, as they are not showing up on the iPad from the iPhone.

Food preservation:

I finished the back episodes of Canning Season. While listening, I got thinking about jellies. I needed apple juice (apple cider) for Slow Cook Friday, so why not use it for jelly too? Now that I know what I didn't do with my last batch, and this time added plenty of pectin. So I have 3 half pints of Apple Cider Cinnamon Jelly.

Slow Cooking:

I tried a banana loaf recipe from GetCrocked. My loaf pan is a little too wide and sat too high in the crock pot, so it is a little undercooked in spots. I need a new pan and try again.

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