Friday, April 4, 2014


P.O.P. (Pictures On the Patio)

This plant grows wild at my house.  It is a desert plant, but I do not know what it is.  (Update:  It is a Mexican Bird of Paradise.  Thanks Kim.)
This is a Anaheim Pepper plant and my pea plant.  The pea plant came from one of the science rooms at work.  I've had to put sticks for it to climb on, otherwise it want to climb up my pepper plant.
This is a bean plant, also from work, and a peppermint plant.

More beans.
And another bean.  This is the strongest of the batch.
My Blueberry shrub.  I'm starting to see berries.  Some of the bean plants are looking a little wilted.  I'm hoping they come back once we get more sun and warmth.  It got cold a couple days ago and upset a couple of the plants.  What is cold?  It dropped into the low 40s, and maybe a couple degrees below that.  I had a light frost on the roof of my SUV.
Don't forget about ME on my box.
Yarn!  I got a mystery package of yarn today. 

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