Sunday, December 27, 2015

Update and knitting

I know I haven't posted for a while.

Garden update:

The tomato and chili plants have been pulled.  They do not do well when the weather changes.  I am surprised that my cabbage plants still look healthy after several nights at freezing.  The strawberry plants lost all their original leaves and stems, but started new leaves at the base, and are still green.  I still have a couple onion plants still green, so I'm leaving them alone.  I need to get good pictures last in the am, as that is most of the daylight the garden gets.


I can finally posts pictures of the cowl I knit.  This is worn like a scarf, but can cover the head as well.  The recipient received it Christmas Eve.

The Star Wars hat was finished before the movie, but I forgot to wear it that night.  The fun part of knitting this hat was that I didn't want to do it one sides, and having it too tight.  Here is one side:
and the other side (Inside out):
I got to see the movie the night before the release and loved it.  Thanks to a friend at work, I got to see the movie without a line, and before anyone could spoil it for me.  I hope to see it again later this week.

New Year Challenge:

I decided to start my next challenge, a project called 52 pickup.  The original design had you start with a deck of cards:
Then using all 54 cards (52 plus both jokers), and play 52 card pickup; yes I did play.  I picked the cards up, gave them a shuffle, and then recorded their order.  Next I did a swatch, which is how I test knit the yarn to make sure the design looks right.
This is both the front and back of one card.  I pulled the yarn out, and started to knit the first row Christmas Eve.  I did have problems starting the scarf, till I realized one of my cards was not right side up, so I had to go back and fix the edge of the 3rd card.  The next picture I post will be of the first row of cards.

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