Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Walk Home

I keep forgetting to post this. I wrote it while some of my 5th graders were writing about a spooky walk home:

The walk home, by Mr. Parker
Halloween was only a few long days away. There were many things going on in Mr. Dale’s fifth grade class. Brandi was busy at Jennifer’s Desk, talking about costumes. Chris was pounding erasers outside. Mark was sneaking a snack.
“I must remember, when I get home, to study for Friday’s Spelling Test, and practice my sevens and eights. Afterwards, I need to read Chapter 5. Alas, there was still almost thirty minutes left of school,” I thought
The last part of our school day ends, with Mr. Dale reading to the class. This week, he was reading Halloween Stories. We always sat quietly at our desks as he read to the class. He was my favorite readers, because he always tried to add a different voice to each character in the story. Today’s story had plenty of suspense as he read. I felt small bumps on my skin. It felt like the hair on my arms was rising and sticking up. The room felt warm, but I had a chill that made me want my jacket. I looked over and saw my backpack and jacket hanging on a hook by the door. I wanted to stand up, but…
“What was that noise?” I cringed as I thought I heard the opening of an old, rusty door. “That creaking sound it makes when that kind of door opens. But! Our room had only one door, and that door was closed.” I was glued to my chair as Mr. Dale read. Just as he got to the scary part…. he put the bookmark in the book.
“Aw!”cried the whole class.
“Time to clean and pack up,” exclaimed Mr. Dale.
Only just a few more minutes and the last bell of the day would ring. We all packed up our stuff, organized our desks, got our backpacks, jackets and other things from our hook, and stood in a semi-organized line waiting for the bell to ring. Then we all walked somewhat quickly out the door and on the way home.
Well, sort of home. I stood outside on the grass and chatted with some classmates. It was cloudy out, but not normal cloudy. The sky was almost the color of a pale pumpkin, just like you sometimes sees at sunset, but it was still midday. The adults talked about the forest fires in a nearby state. The fire is not close, yet you still can sometimes smell the smoke.
“I’d rather be enjoying a fireplace or a campfire, than just smelling the ash,” I pouted.
Soon, most of the students were gone.
“I really should be getting home too.” Being so slow, I almost missed the crossing guard.
“I shouldn’t hang around school that late, and be late getting home.” Once across the street, I decided to take the shortcut through the desert to get home.
I started up the first hill….
“Something moved. What was that?!? What crossed my path?!?” I declared.
After a couple of moments, I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Nothing dangerous should be around here. I took another deep breath, and looked carefully. Of course, it was not anything dangerous. It was just a lizard. There were many lizards in this desert, and many kids loved to hunt and catch lizards as pets.
“I was letting Mr. Dale’s Halloween story get into my imagination, and scare me,” I huffed
As I started to walk on home again, there was a rustling in a bush near where I would walk soon. Maybe it was a bird, hiding in a bush. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t a bird. Something bigger was moving, yet I could hear movement, or I was sure something was out there. As I slowly walked closer to the edge of the desert, I could feel something watching me. I was unsure what to do. Some-thing was coming after me. “Could I run?” I questioned. I worried it would get me if I tried to run. I had to get home. I could turn around, but what if it got behind me? What would I do if the creature were big and scary? I needed to do something. I really wanted to go home. I slowly walked and tripped on something and landed on the dirt. I waited, listened, and then waited some more. I found a small rock, and threw it towards the noise. I missed, but I think I scared it, because it sounded like it started running. I stood up carefully to see something running towards the houses. Although it was hard to see as it moved quickly away, it was obviously at the shape of the figure, it has probably my nearby neighbor.
Not long, I was out of the desert and walking back on the sidewalk. It was a quiet walk to my house.

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