Sunday, October 25, 2015

Knitting and Fiber Projects

I'm behind posting pictures lately.  At the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat, I purchased yarn, that needed a good pattern to go with it.  The bottom yarn, with the four shades of Gray.
I started with a swatch, to see what the yarn and needles would work:
So after I finished the first color, I took a picture:
Then after I started the second color:
Then after the second color:
With the third color, the project now was getting large:
With the final color knitted in, I was able to stretch out my project and block it into shape.
The final picture:

My Friend Franklin started to write articles for Fridays with Franklin.   His first project was explaining Shadow Knitting.  I decided to try his pattern out (with a little modification).

At first look, it doesn't seem very interesting.  Now look at it at an angle:

Now when you see it at an angle, you see the circles, and Mickey Mouse.


At the latest Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild meeting,  we were introduced to Fingerloop Braiding.  I was unable to practice at the meeting, but I was able to take the instructions and see what I could do.
Here is a try, with a flat braid:
I know I need to work on my tension, but I do have a better understanding of the technique.

I had the fun one spinning group night.  We got to play with painting, and kettle dyeing fiber.  Here is everything trying to dry.
The final colors:


The next project:

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