Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Garden

Late September, I started to work on my Fall Garden.  I had already tried to grow beans, peas and others.  It was too hot, and the seeds did not survive transplant.  The second attempt did much better.  Here are plants that I bought from Moon Valley Nursery and Home Depot.

Here is my garden after the first group:
This was a good start, but I still was hoping for a few more plants, so I visited Lowes.

With some work, the garden turned into this:
So let me show some of my plants off.

This is one of several tomato plants.  I had to put this plant in a tomato cage, because it had a weak stem.  it is doing fine, and I have several tomatoes growing.
This is heat resistant tomato plant.  It doesn't have any tomatoes, yet.  It has a few blooms.
Third tomato plant.  a couple of tomatoes already.

Anaheim Chile Peppers.  Several chiles already.
I also have strawberries, cabbage, peas, bean and mint.  The reason you see the some of the lights, is my garden at night.  Here is a pictures from last night.
I decided to add solar lights, so I can see my garden when I wander outside at night.

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