Monday, May 11, 2015

Kniting the Challenge Project and Dyeing with Indigo.

Here is some recently spun yarn.  It is called Christmas Candy, and is Merino Wool, Firestar and Angelina from the Etsy Store CrochetByKA:
It is a 4 ply yarn.  (2 ply, plied together for my spinning friends).

Last time I got to photograph, last week, it looked like this:

I will update more details soon.  I have several rows added over the weekend, but the real story is,


I am an active member of the Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild.  At the March meeting, they offered a Weaving or Knitting Poker Challenge.  I picked several cards from a special deck.  My cards were:
  • Green
  • Shiny
  • Seed Stitch
  • Holes
  • Purse
This is the bottom of the purse, or "bag"  There is green in this yarn, and there is shiny in it.  I am almost done with the seed stitch.  Still working out the "holes" but I have two books that will help.

Saturday was the monthly meeting, and our annual dye event.  I have a few pictures still to upload.  I did have one project I was very proud of.  The fabric started out pretreated, then looked like this:
 Each of those things is one or a few Lego pieces, and a rubber band to hold it.  Then after I wet it, it went into a Indigo Dye Pot.  After untying all the rubber bands, and washing it, this is what it looked like:
I'm not sure which is front vs. back.

This I believe this was the pure cotton fabric.  I have a linen/cotton fabric, but it didn't take the color as well.

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  1. This is wonderful! You make me want to join the Guild.