Saturday, January 24, 2015

Le Reve

A few days before January 17th, my friend Jessica, who is a Costume Tech for the show Le Reve @ The Wynn, offered several of us free tickets to go see her show. Five of us, and a second ticket for my friend. With some coaxing, Jessica chose to join us. We decided to meet prior to the show at the mall across from the Wynn Hotel.
The restaurant was a semi formal, serving Italian Food. The servings were large, and well prepared. My friend Jean, who I have indirectly mentioned before joined us. The whole area was busy. We all wandered across the street and into the Wynn and towards the showroom. We arrived just as one of the shows had ended. We finally reached the theater and were directed to our seats, which were in the third row. From the stage.
Now in our seats, we were able to get a good look at the stage and the theater. The stage and the theater were completely in the round. The seating was separated into three sections. Between each section is access to the stage. The stage itself was a large round pool. Above the state was a beautiful colorful cloth. When the lights went out, the cloth was pulled up, exposing the dome shape above the stage.
The recorded message before the show said, no flash photography, video or texting was allowed. This meant you could still take pictures, but without using the flash. I didn't take any pictures till the final set because I was so cause up in the show. Not to give away too many spoilers. There is a round stage and an outer stage that could be brought up to the surface or lowered into the water. The choreographing and music were both great and the acrobatics were beyond words.
As a treat of our host, Jessica showed us her work area, so we were able to see the costume shop, which was busy cleaning and organizing the costumes from the show earlier that night. She talked about the Swarovski Crystals that were carefully glued on. Now we were able to see how they were put on, and how it looked on the costume.
Although the show is somewhat higher in costs than other shows, this is worth the ticket to see.


Update on Showstoppers.

I talked to Jessica. She said there were two songs that had been left out of the show I had seen. They were hoping to get them in the show, and bring the show up to the full 90 minutes.

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