Friday, January 2, 2015

Everything on the Facebook is real and truthful?

After seeing a friend's comment on a Facebook pages, reminds me that you need to be careful when you "like", comment or visit some pages. So the title of the group is a world wide recognized company, offering free stuff to X lucky people. So I went directly to the page. Over 11,000 likes. So how long has this page existed? December 27, 2014, which is less than a week. The page states that is the official Facebook page, with very fluffed up details. The same offer every day, with upping the offer on the most recent post.

What do I do when I see things like this? On Facebook, I report the pages. I do not like nor post on the page. There is a high possibility that these pages are created for the purposing of gathering information from users who like their page, their interests, friends and other details.

It does not cost anything to create these pages. Most pages can be created to represent almost anything, and post almost anything. So what do I do before "like" a page. Unless there is a reason I trust them, I go and visit the page. How long has it been in existence. Are they posting real contact details? Do they appear legitimate?

I often do the same with posts that report "Facts" about an issue that could be questionable. If a news organization posts about a missing person, I might repost, otherwise I go research if the story is true. These posts might have been true, but were resolved already or details have changed.

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